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  Raytac Corporation was established in 2004 by a group of engineers whose expertise was in Radio Frequency (RF) technology and a team of experienced multinational senior marketing and production personnel. The core technology know-how in RF and Bluetooth, R&D, manufacturing and marketing of wireless electronic products, Raytac has committed to customers to provide a more convenient wireless choice.
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  • Office Relocation Notice

    Office Relocation Notice

  • Raytac Factory Tour

    Many Customers are interested about Raytac's facility, reliability and capacity. Here, Raytac would like to invite customers having a quick tour and know more about Raytac's factory. Raytac's factory is located in New Taipei City where is located in north of Taiwan. The factory scales 4600 square meter with 180 man power. A completed in house SMT equipment and inspection facility provide a reliable and speedy module production line with over 600,000 pcs monthly capacity.

  • Wireless Certification For Wirepas Massive On Pre-Certified Module

    Does the end products need to perform certification test again if using Wirepas Massive software on a Pre-certified Bluetooth module?

  • Nordic 藍牙模組設計參考資料

    手機的使用已成日常,物聯網運作也正式從潮流變成的生活中的主流。藍牙 Bluetooth, 作為資料交換的最佳媒介瞬間從配角變成了顯學。

  • Nordic nRF52805 模組, MDBT42TV

    開發者最常問的問題除了產品規格外, 就是模組尺寸了! 模組尺寸很重要, 因為尺寸越小~搭配的機構越好設計; 尺寸越小~搭配的硬體越好設計 所以, 合理價位下的小尺寸模組模塊是所有開發者心目中的天菜!

  • nRF5340 Module, MDBT53 Series by Raytac Corporation

    nRF5340 Module, MDBT53 Series by Raytac Corporation