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About Raytac

        Raytac Corporation was established in 2004 by a group of engineers whose expertise was in Bluetooth and WiFi technology and a team of experienced multinational senior marketing and production personnel. The core technology know-how in Bluetooth and WiFi, R&D, manufacturing and marketing of wireless electronic products, Raytac has committed to customers to provide a more convenient wireless choice.

    With the coming hype of IoT, Bluetooth and WiFi have become the key to trigger the future. Following in the steps of Nordic Semiconductor in the wireless field, Raytac perpetuates efforts for launching various kinds of modules to fulfill all developers’ needs and demands.

    Raytac acknowledges that developers deserve the very best hardware to encourage each IoT plan, to connect without borders and inspire without end. We have resolved to aim our focus on creating a sophisticated hardware that has an easy layout for flexible design. Moreover, the modules are fully certified with not only Bluetooth specification BT5.4, BT5.3, BT5.2 and WiFi 6, but also regional safety regulation in main areas such as FCC (USA), CE (EU), IC (Canada), TELEC (Japan), KC (Korea), SRRC (China), RCM (ANZ), WPC (India), etc. Raytac aims to build up a value chain to provide customers with a cost-effective and speed-time-to-market solution as well as reliable quality control system with years of experience. 

    The mission, "Making people's lives more convenient through innovation and application of wireless technology"; Raytac will constantly evolve and adapt our Bluetooth and WiFi technology in order to provide all our customers with the best solutions in the wireless world. Moreover, we devote to be one of the world's leaders in wireless technology and make more and greater contributions to humanity.