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  • How to get your firmware development started

    Setting up Nordic's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the first step into Bluetooth product development, and it's also where most developers need support. In order for developers to be able to smoothly set up their IDE, Raytac hereby provide you with a few easy steps. First and foremost - In terms of IDEs, there are currently four different ones that are all viable; Segger Embedded Studio (SES), Keil C, IAR and GCC. Among these, SES and GCC are IDEs free of charge while Keil C and IAR both require the developer to pay a license fee to their respective company. We at Raytac generally recommend SES, as it is an IDE brought forth by both Nordic and Segger together and it uses Segger J-Link. Although GCC is a free IDE, it only builds code and is impractical editting make file or debugging firmware. Thus, it's not our primary choice. Therefore, we will hereby provide you a step-by-step guide on how to set up your IDE when using SES.

  • Raytac at Japan IT Week Hall 3 & 4 / 11-22

    最新のBluetooth5ソリューションを揃えておりますので、 お気軽にお立ち寄りください。

  • Raytac Product Change Notice (PCN) Announcement for nRF52840 Dongle: MDBT50Q-RX

    To enable hardware reset function in Raytac's nRF52840 dongle (P/N: MDBT50Q-RX), Raytac's has revised the circuit and issued the PCN accordingly.

  • Come to visit Raytac at Embedded World #Hall 3 / 3-520

    With over 1,000 exhibitors gathering in Nuremberg, Germany on 26 Feb.~29 Feb., 2019 , Embedded World has become one of the biggest trade fair among the IoT Technologies. Raytac is pleased to be in attendance and present our full range of module family based on Nordic nRF51822, nRF52832 and nRF52840.

  • Raytac Released nRF52840 Dongle "MDBT50Q-RX"

    Raytac released nRF52840 Dongle which deployed MDBT50Q-P1M module offer a Bluetooth 5 specification granted, FCC/IC/Telec(MIC)/KC/SRRC/NCC/WPC certified, CE/RCM compliant solution.

  • Raytac MDBT40 Series Module (Nordic nRF51 Solution) BT4.2 Certification Granted

    With coming depreciation and withdraw of Legacy Bluetooth Core Specification Version, BT4.1/BT4.0 has been defined to be withdraw in 1 July, 2020, which covered Nordic's nRF51 series solution (Raytac MDBT40 series module).

  • Raytac nRF52840 BT5 Module MDBT50Q Series WPC (India) Certification Granted

    Raytac would like to announce MDBT50Q series Bluetooth Module which deployed Nordic nRF52840 solution have WPC (India) certificate granted.

  • Raytac Central Role AT Command Module Released

    AT command module, an easy solution provides developers a quick breakthrough to Bluetooth connection. Without firmware effort needed, simply have commands setting on MCU and the start to enjoy the implement of bridging connectivity between devices through Bluetooth.

  • MDBT50Q (Nordic nRF52840 Solution) Supports BT5 Long Range Feature

    Bluetooth 5, aka BT5, supports below features 4 x Longer Range 2 x Higher Speed 800% Broadcasting Capacity

  • nRF52840 Module MDBT50Q Series Bluetooth & RF Safety Certification Granted

    Following Raytac's Easy Employ Policy (EE), we are glad to announce that Raytac's nRF52840 modules, MDBT50Q series have completed not only Bluetooth BQB certified, but also most popular countries's safety regulation granted. With the effort to provide a most coverage of the regulation compliance, developers who build up the IoT project by Raytac modules can be easier to develop without worry for product testing and manage the budget of development.

  • BLE Module Firmware Development Q&A: NFC pins creates “Error 404 – signal not found” (technically)

    When you start developing your firmware for your Nordic nRF52832 solution-based Raytac BLE module, you will (like on most other projects) bump into some difficulties. The other day, we had yet another case where a simple thing caused major difficulties for even some of the brightest people - a customer couldn't get their GPIO direction bit to work.

  • Raytac MDBT50Q Module Series (Nordic nRF52840 Solution)

    Raytac MDBT50Q Module Series (Nordic nRF52840 Solution)

  • Nordic nRF52840 Module Demo Board Now Is Ready!

    Nordic nRF52840 Module Demo Board Now Is Ready! Built by Raytac's MDBT50Q-1M module! A quick development kit to explore the IoT world!

  • Raytac MDBT42Q / MDBT42 / MDBT42V Module Series (Nordic nRF52832 Solution)

    Raytac MDBT42Q / MDBT42 / MDBT42V Module Series (Nordic nRF52832 Solution)

  • How to program your firmware to module

    After setup been done, here comes the next question: How to program the firmware in to the module. We are using some simple instruction in below for reader's quick reference.

  • Bluetooth Project: How to get your firmware development started

    To kick off a Bluetooth project, firmware development always the first and most difficult point to start with. Here, Raytac provide some easy instruction helps developers to work on it!

  • Raytac Corporation at IT Week Hall 3 & 4 / 11-22

    With over 600 exhibitors gathering in Tokyo, Japan from April 10-12, IT Week has become one of the biggest exhibitions within the IoT Technology sector. Raytac is pleased to be attending this year's IT Week and present our full range of module family based on Nordic nRF51822, nRF52832 and nRF52840. Meanwhile, the latest product, MDBT50Q-RX, a multi protocol nRF52840 dongle will make its second public appearance which powers up the most advanced IoT and Mesh network implementations.

  • Global Sources 2018 Fall Exhibition, Hong Kong

    With over 3,800 exhibitors gathering in Hong Kong, Global Sources has become one of the largest specialized sourcing trade fair around electronics.

  • Raytac nRF52840 Module MDBT50Q FCC ID Granted

    Raytac's EE policy (Easy Employee) core is to provide the pre-certified modules. Benefits from this policy, products built by Raytac's module may save or reduce the procedure in certification application process which successfully improved Time To Market efficiency and Cost Effective for all customers.

  • Raytac MDBT40 Module Series (Nordic nRF51822 Solution)

    Raytac MDBT40 Module Series (Nordic nRF51822 Solution)

  • RaytacモジュールがChip1Stopでご購入頂けるようになりました


  • Raytac Module Now Is Available in Chip One Stop

    Raytac Module Now Is Available in Chip 1 Stop

  • No Worry About Trade War

    All Raytac's modules are designed, manufactured, and shipped from Taiwan, which is the best shelter from the trade war.

  • Raytac Product Change Notice (PCN) Announcement for Nordic nRF52832 Solution

    Correspond to Nordic new revision of the IC with key changes (According to Nordic Information Notice No.: IN-105, rev.1.0) nRF52832 SoC Build Code changed: 1. nRF52832-QFAA from B00 to E00 2. nRF52832-CIAA from B00/B10 to E00/E10

  • nRF52810 Module PCN

    MDBT42Q-192K and MDBT42Q-P192K Modules of Nordic nRF52810 solution change PCB color from Blue to Green and remove the black dotting on metal shielding case.

  • nRF52840 Module publish

    Raytac now is ready for coming nRF52840 SoC with Bluetooth specification BT5.