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Raytac Corporation (勁達國際電子有限公司)
A BLE module solution supplier based on Nordic nRF51 & nRF52 solution 
(nRF51822 & nRF51422 & nRF52832 & nRF52810 & nRF52840)
Bluetooth Specification: BT4.0 / BT4.1 / BT4.2 / BT5.0
BLE Module Manufacturer (BLE藍牙專業模組供應商)
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208
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SRRC, USA, Japan, Korea, China, BT5, BQB, nRF518
  • Secure DFU OTA for nRF52840 solution modules: Guide to create hex/zip file for implementation – #3(Combining/merging built files)

    Here is the third part of guidelines for users to implement Secure DFU OTA(over-the-air) while compiling using nRF52840 Solution modules.

  • Secure DFU OTA for nRF52840 solution modules: Guide to create hex/zip file for implementation - #2(Application)

    Here are the second part of guidelines for users to implement Secure DFU OTA(over-the-air) while compiling using nRF52840 Solution modules.

  • Secure DFU OTA for nRF52840 solution modules: Guide to create hex/zip file for implementation - #1(Bootloader)

    Here are the guidelines for users to implement Secure DFU OTA(over-the-air) while compiling using nRF52840 Solution modules.

  • Raytac announces release of AN54H20 Series Module based on Nordic’s nRF54H20 chip solution

    Raytac Corporation announces the upcoming release of the AN54H20 modules, which are built on the base of Nordic's nRF54H20 SoC.

  • Why Does Raytac AT-Command Module Not Require An End Code Mechanism?

    Developers may be familiar with using '\n' (hex 0x0A) or '\r' (hex 0x0D) as end codes to determine the end of a data packet when writing programs. In the original Nordic SDK example code, ble_app_uart, is to consider the reception of 244 bytes or the presence of '\n' (hex 0x0A) or '\r' (hex 0x0D) as end code as the end of a data packet. The program then sends this received data via BLE to APP. Developers encountering Raytac AT-Command module for the first time may find it very unfamiliar and be puzzled by the absence of 0x0A or 0x0D end code. You may raise questions about how to receive complete information without relying on these end code? Therefore, we'll provide explanations for common use cases of AT-Command in both connected and disconnected scenarios:

  • Innovation in the Bluetooth 5.4 Era: Key Highlights of PAwR Periodic Broadcast Technology

    Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) The major new function list 4 key operation as below - Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) - Encrypted Advertising Data - LE GATT Security Levels Characteristic - Advertising Coding Selection

  • Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --FlexTrack & Derivative

    After reading through the article of WFA (Wi-Fi Alliance) QuickTrack program, you may try to seek for a seamless option that least effort made for a Wi-Fi certificate. Raytac Corp. has took this into consideration already! Raytac Corp. is working on the FlexTrack package as a source product so that end product developer can apply a Derivative program to grant a WFA certificate by leveraging Raytac Corp. WFA source product – NRF5340 & NRF7002 IC combo solution (MDBT53 & AN7002 Module)

  • Optimizing functionality on nRF52 – Introducing Raytac bluetooth module with enabled Access Port Protection

    Definition of Approtect (Access Port Protection): In Nordic Semiconductor products, the enhanced APprotect feature has been integrated into the nRF52 series microcontrollers. APprotect (Access Port Protection) is a crucial security feature designed to safeguard the device's application, compiled code, with read-back protection mechanism, against unauthorized access and modifications. This protection is essential for preventing unauthorized access and software tampering. Effectively leveraging the improved Approtect feature on nRF52 series microcontrollers to enhance device application security and reliability is a significant concern for current developers and engineers.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --QuickTrack

    Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --QuickTrack -Collaboration between Solution provider & End product developer Raytac Corp. is officially a member of Wi-Fi Alliance now! Before stepping into Wi-Fi module selection and adoption, Wi-Fi regulatory compliance will be essential for you to know.

  • Criteria for Choosing Internal or External Oscillator

    Bluetooth modules typically have options for a 32MHz Internal Oscillator (or some called internal crystal oscillator) and a 32.768KHz External Oscillator. The choice between the two is often influenced by specific application requirements, power consumption, accuracy, and cost considerations. Here are some basic differences between Internal and External Oscillators:

  • Navigating RF Certification: A Guide to DTM and Radio Testing

    RF Test – DTM & Radio Test When launching new products, there is a requirement for RF testing, and two methods are commonly used: DTM (Direct Test Mode) and Radio Test. Nordic's SDK provides two RF testing programs: DTM (Direct Test Mode) and Radio Test. While both methods can test RF indicators, they have some distinctions. DTM follows the Bluetooth specification's Direct Test Mode data format (referenced in Bluetooth Core Specification Version 5.2, Vol. 6, Part F.), primarily for Bluetooth certification tests. On the other hand, Radio Test focuses on the chip's radio indicators, making it more suitable for FCC and ETSI certifications. Let's delve into detailed explanations for DTM and Radio Test programs.

  • AT Command Tutorial: MDBT42Q-AT/PAT

    AT commands play a crucial role in wireless communication, IoT, and embedded systems. This guide aims to assist developers in creating an appropriate environment for efficient AT command usage, ensuring smooth communication and application operation. Credit to Hanyu Hsu /Avnet Taiwan.

  • SRRC Certification Update - Document No. 129

    About SRRC Certification: SRRC, or the State Radio Regulation Committee, is a mandatory certification required by the National Radio Management Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. All wireless products sold within China must obtain certification, commonly referred to as SRRC certification, which involves approval of the wireless transmission equipment model.

  • Tips for Nordic’s nRF52840 DK to successfully detect Raytac’s MDBT50Q-DB-40 Demo Board

    WHY Nordic’s DK cannot DETECT Raytac’s modules? Some tips to fix this problem Nordic’S board no : PCA10056 (nRF52840) Raytac’s board no : MDBT50Q-DB-40 (nRF52840)

  • Thread Network Technology and Key Feature Introduction

    Thread Group( on July 15, 2014 by Apple, Amazon, Google and six companies member. As a non-profit organization, Thread Group focuses on promoting the application of Thread in the field of Internet of Things, training developers and consumers, introducing thread technology and its advantages, and providing strict product certification tests to ensure the optimized user experience.

  • Understanding Wireless Certification and Compliance:A Guide to Module and Non-Module Approval Processes

    Certification and compliance: By obtaining wireless (Bluetooth) certification, manufacturers can demonstrate that their products comply with the required technical reliability. In another words, these certifications are like products’ passes, allow them legally entering the market and be able to import or export specific countries. Modular approval and Non-modular approval are two different approaches to the certification and regulatory processes for wireless communication devices.

  • What’s New In BT5.4 Bluetooth Specification?

    Bluetooth Core Specification 5.4 released in 2023 introduces four significant capabilities to the existing specifications.

  • Introduction of Matter 1.0 & Certification Process

    Matter, a protocol across technologies has become a future of home automation!

  • The “Must Know” about WPC-ETA certificate before entering Raytac Bluetooth module into India

    You will get a brief understanding of WPC-ETA certificate (India) and how it relates to Raytac low energy Bluetooth module and how it helps you entering Raytac Bluetooth module into India by passing through importing and Customs clearance procedure way efficiently.

  • Raytac Factory Tour

    Many Customers are interested about Raytac's facility, reliability and capacity. Here, Raytac would like to invite customers having a quick tour and know more about Raytac's factory. Raytac's factory is located in New Taipei City where is located in north of Taiwan. The factory scales 4600 square meter with 180 man power. A completed in house SMT equipment and inspection facility provide a reliable and speedy module production line with over 600,000 pcs monthly capacity.

  • Wireless Certification For Wirepas Massive On Pre-Certified Module

    Does the end products need to perform certification test again if using Wirepas Massive software on a Pre-certified Bluetooth module?

  • Nordic nRF52805 模組, MDBT42TV

    開發者最常問的問題除了產品規格外, 就是模組尺寸了! 模組尺寸很重要, 因為尺寸越小~搭配的機構越好設計; 尺寸越小~搭配的硬體越好設計 所以, 合理價位下的小尺寸模組模塊是所有開發者心目中的天菜!

  • Even Under Extreme, Raytac Stays Working

    SoC qualified for 105°C; so do our Modules!

  • Bluetooth Module UKCA Certification

    The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking has been an issue for brands since Brexit effected which regulate for goods, products been placed, used, sold in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It covers most goods which previously required the CE marking.

  • Nordic nRF52805 module, MDBT42TV

    Developers love to use smaller module in order to fit in maximum kinds of implement and applications.

  • Raytac nRF52 Module Family in 2020

    Nordic offers 7 nRF52 SoCs, but Raytac turns out 25 Modules!

  • CE RED & Safety Directives Update

    CE RED & Safety Directives Update

  • Nordic nRF52820 solution, MDBT50 series Module by Raytac

    nRF52820 module, MDBT50 series by Raytac

  • Nordic nRF52833 Module MDBT50Q & MDBT50

    nRF52833 is a powerful solution which supports multiprotocol such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Thread but also qualified for industrial operation at an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C.

  • Raytac Announces A nRF52 Solution Module, MDBT42Q-U (Deployed u.FL Connector for External Antenna)

    Raytac today announces the u.FL connector version module, MDBT42Q-U series which selects Nordic nRF52832 and nRF52810 SoC to provide the Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE, aka BLE) wireless connectivity for IoT applications.

  • Raytac Central Role AT Command Module Released

    AT command module, an easy solution provides developers a quick breakthrough to Bluetooth connection. Without firmware effort needed, simply have commands setting on MCU and the start to enjoy the implement of bridging connectivity between devices through Bluetooth.

  • MDBT50Q (Nordic nRF52840 Solution) Supports BT5 Long Range Feature

    Bluetooth 5, aka BT5, supports below features 4 x Longer Range 2 x Higher Speed 800% Broadcasting Capacity

  • Nordic nRF52840 Module Demo Board Now Is Ready!

    Nordic nRF52840 Module Demo Board Now Is Ready! Built by Raytac's MDBT50Q-1M module! A quick development kit to explore the IoT world!

  • Raytac MDBT50Q Module Series (Nordic nRF52840 Solution)

    Raytac MDBT50Q Module Series (Nordic nRF52840 Solution)

  • No Worry About Trade War

    All Raytac's modules are designed, manufactured, and shipped from Taiwan, which is the best shelter from the trade war.