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Raytac nRF52840 Module MDBT50Q FCC ID Granted

Raytac's latest module, MDBT50Q series module employed Nordic nRF52840 solution has developed 3 lines with different antenna type.
MDBT50Q-1M: Chip Antenna
MDBT50Q-P1M: PCB Antenna
MDBT50Q-U1M: u.FL connector with external Antenna.

We are glad to announce that MDBT50Q series modules have FCC Part 15 C Regulation Certificated granted with FCC ID: SH6MDBT50Q.

FCC Category: Portable Device
Product Name: Bluetooth Low Energy & IEEE802.15.4 Combo Module
Certified Protocol : BT5 & IEEE 802.15.4

Certification Detail

Nordic nRF52840 MDBT50Q FCC Certificate

Certification Item
MDBT50Q-1M (Chip Antenna Versioni)
MDBT50Q-P1M (PCB Antenna Version)
MDBT50Q-U1M (External Antenna Version, Listed in below)
MDBT50U Antenna Detail
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