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nRF52840 Module MDBT50Q Series Bluetooth & RF Safety Certification Granted

nRF52840 MDBT50Q Module

MDBT50Q powered by Nordic nRF52840 solution is a multi-protocol Bluetooth 5, Thread, IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee, ANT+ solution incorporated 1MB flash memory, 256K RAM, built-in USB interface, supporting 5.5V DC/DC supply which is an edge cutting,  ultra lower power solution ideal for all IoT applications. With completed pre-certified coverage, it bring the benefit for customers by reducing the design complexity, BOM cost and faster the Time-To-Market efficiency.

Raytac MDBT50Q is a BT5 pre-certified module with 10.5 x 15.5 x 2.0 (2.2)mm dimension incorporated ARM Cortex-M4F CPU with 48 GPIO pin. Safety regulation covers FCC(USA) , IC (Canada), MIC Telec (Japan), KC, (Korea), SRRC (China), NCC (Taiwan) and CE (Europe), RCM (Australia & New Zealand) compliance.

Another highlight of MDBT50Q series module is providing the external antenna options.
To meet recent dramatically increasing IoT demands, MDBT50Q offers a completed RF solution bring the high flexibility and market efficiency not only by Chip and PCB antenna options as other nRF51 & nRF52 series, but also a u.FL connector option for those applications need external antenna to enhance the long range usage.
Raytac nRF52840 BLE Module