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Change to nRF52833 module? What the Hardware & Firmware Setting Need To Review?

Hardware Review

1. GPIO Assignment Changed:
nRF52833 has some GPIO re-designated or cancelled.
(Blue GPIO are re-designated and Red GPIO are Cancelled)

2. Reference Circuit:
Reg0 DC/DC is not available for nRF52833
nRF52840 Transfer to nRF52833

Firmware Review

1. SDK Version needs V.16 or after:
nRF52833 can only work under SoftDevic S113/SDK V.16 or after

2. RAM size is 50% smaller:
nRF52833 only has 128KB. Don’t Forget to check application’s RAM capacity.

3. Flash Memory is 50% smaller:
nRF52833 only has 512KB. Don’t forget to check and modify to correct address.

4. Bootloader Address needs to re-designate:
nRF52833 need to be designated at 0x78000 from nRF52840 (0xF8000)

5. Bootloader Setting File needs to modify:
Use nRF52 for bootloader setting file (same as nRF52832)
nrfutil.exe settings generate --family NRF52 --application APPLICATION.hex --application-version 3 --bootloader-version 2 --bl-settings-version 1 bootloader_settings.hex

6. Command Line Tool Version needs V10.4.0 or after:
Use Command Line Tools is V10.4.0 or after to merge the file (mergehex.exe)

Code developed by Keil IDE need to have further action:
“Modify nRF DeviceFamilyPack version to V8.27.1 or after”
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