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nRF52833 Module MDBT50Q By Raytac Has Extended To 105°C Ambient Temperature

Raytac announced both MDBT50Q-512K & MDBT50Q-P1M modules has extended the ambient temperature up to 105°C, following Nordic's nRF52833's specification.

nRF52833  105°C Temperature
Unlike a single component like SoC, modules acted as an integrated equipment which includes some other related components. To secure the module works under the latest environment request while Nordic nRF52833 released, Raytac ensured all related components meet the new temperature requirement with RF efficiency secured.

Today, we are pleased to announce nRF52833 modules:

MDBT50Q-512K: Chip Antenna
MDBT50Q-P512K: PCB Antenna

Both have successfully extended ambient temperature to 105°C which are the most ideal devices for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.