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nRF5340 Module, MDBT53 Series by Raytac Corporation

The MDBT53 series deployed Nordic nRF5340 solution which includes dual Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor cores with integrated a 1M flash and 512K RAM Memory; and 256K flash and 64K RAM Memory provides an advanced, powerful ability for applications demand a quick response but ultra low power consumption.

MDBT53 brings a bluetooth new era with below feature brief:
*Bluetooth low energy audio
*Bluetooth mesh
*Bluetooth Direction Finding, such as Angle-of-Arrival and Angle-of-Departure
*Advanced security level
*Max temperature extended to 105°C

nRF5340 Module by Raytac MDBT53-1

Differ from nRF52 series solution, nRF5340 series module is using nRF Connect SDK (NCS) as the software development kit. It integrates the Zephyr RTOS, protocol stacks, application samples and hardware drivers.
MDBT53 is a small, stand-alone BT5.2 module comes with an integrated Chip or PCB antenna for selection. The u,FL connector version sill soon released to meet the demand for applications which an external antenna for installation or long range transmission is needed. 

Raytac MDBT53 series modules provides an optimal and stable RF efficiency which easy the hardware design resource developers' need. The compact size, stable quality and pre-certified modules offer an advantage to speed up time to market efficiency and minimal the BOM cost.