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Raytac Product Change Notice ( (PCN-22042502) Announcement for Tray strength improvement

1. MDBT53V-1M / MDBT53V-P1M
2. MDBT50-512K / MDBT50-P512K
3. MDBT50-256R / MDBT50-P256R
4. MDBT42-512K / MDBT42-P512K
The major description of this PCN is refer to improve the tray strength. Apart from the SMT tray feeder program may need to re-setup and MOQ will changed from 88pcs/tray to 120pc/tray, there is no further function, quality or safety regulation is affected.
PCN-22042502-MDBT53V&MDBT50&MDBT42-Tray Improvement-1
PCN-22042502-MDBT53V&MDBT50&MDBT42-Tray Improvement-2