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How To USE Nordic Connect SDK (NCS) Flashing Built Code into nRF5340 Module

You may find more information about hardware setup works from "How To Get started with Nordic nRF5340 Project by Raytac MDBT53/MDBT53V Development Kit Demo Board" (Click the link) 

Intro:  With the ready built code of zephyr.hex file for net core and application core individually, we would like to proceed code flashing into the MDBT53/53V Nordic nRF5340 BLE module.

Ready Built Code Programming Steps
Execute nRF Connect >>  Programmer  > > Open

圖片 27

Click “SELECT DEVICE” >> Find icon of “nRF5340 DK” which is detected by the programmer app
圖片 28

Click icon of “nRF5340 DK” >> “Erase All” to remove the flash memory from MDBT53/53V BLE Module
圖片 30

Click “Add File” to load the net core zephyr.hex and application core zephyr.hex both into programmer
圖片 31

Do “Erase & Write ” to execute the flashing process for both zephyr.hex into memory of MDBT53/53V Module.
圖片 32

To validate the wireless broadcast of default name “Nordic_UART_Service” from MDBT53/53V Module, please check on the “nRF Connect for mobile” APP and do “Scan device” through your mobile.   Once the device name is detected in your mobile , the wireless connection is successfully done.