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Introduction of Matter 1.0 & Certification Process

Introduction - Matter 1.0

Matter aims to build a universal IPv6-based communication protocol to make it easier for smart home devices to communicate with each other. The protocol defines the application layer that will be deployed on devices as well as the different link layers to help maintain interoperability. Matter protocol built from the best pieces of existing trustworthy protocols, including Google Weave, Apple HomeKit, and Zigbee.
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Matter is using Thread, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet for transport and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for device commissioning to support a host of smart home devices. Any smart home gadgets you have that use these technologies should be able to be bridged into Matter.
Overall, Matter 1.0 simplifies the process of connecting smart home devices and enables seamless communication between them, regardless of their brand or manufacturer.
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Matter 1.0 Speed-up Smart Home Adoption
Matter 1.0 specs already support a variety of common smart home products, including lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, window coverings and shades, safety and security sensors, door locks, media devices including TVs, controllers as both devices and applications, and bridges. Support for security cameras, smart speakers, home appliances and robotic vacuums is already planned for subsequent versions of Matter. With the ecosystem expansion, new use cases and applications are expected to emerge.
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Certification Process
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Member Eligibility
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Matter Testing
The Matter 1.0 standard launches with test cases and comprehensive test tools for Alliance members and a global certification program including nine authorized test labs who are primed to test not only Matter, but also Matter’s underlying network technologies, Wi-Fi and Thread. Wi-Fi enables Matter devices to interact over a high-bandwidth local network and allows smart home devices to communicate with the cloud. Thread provides an energy efficient and highly reliable mesh network within the home.

Authorized Testing Providers
Allion Labs,
Bureau Veritas,
Element Material Technology,
Granite River Labs,
TÜV Rheinland,
UL Solutions,
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