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FCC Amends Equipment Authorization Program - A written and signed attestation Needed

For protecting against National Security Threats reason, FCC newly announced a new request added in Equipment Authorization program. FCC Publication Number: 986446. date:01/24/2023.
FCC amends the rules related to equipment authorization program to prevent any unacceptable risk result from communications networks and supply chains from equipment. DA/FCC #: FCC-22-84. FCC Amends Equipment Authorization Program require applicants for certification need to provide a written and signed attestation. Also, any equipment certification needs to identify a agent, located in United States for service or the process.

Raytac Corporation has pointed US subsidiary, Raytac USA LLC., poses as the US agent for Raytac Corporation to fulfill the FCC new requirements. Customers has any issues to adopt this new regulation may contact Raytac for further support.