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The “Must Know” about WPC-ETA certificate before entering Raytac Bluetooth module into India

There are some types of ETA certificate categorized by the spec of your wireless transmission product (Bluetooth/Wifi/RFID and by device using frequency spectrum).
Hereafter we’re talking about the WPC-ETA compliance regulation to specifically on “Raytac’s low energy Bluetooth module.”

Outline of the article:
  • What is WPC Certificate/Equipment Type Approval (ETA) in India?
  • Raytac Bluetooth module applied to WPC-ETA Regulation Category
  • What is essential to get the ETA-SD license (ETA Approval)?
  • How the ETA-SD license works during importing process

What is WPC Certificate/Equipment Type Approval (ETA) in India?
The WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination) is the broadcasting authority and is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in India.
Products with radio and/or wireless functionality imported or manufactured or marketed in India are required to have an Equipment Type Approval certificate (ETA certificate) from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC India) Wing of the Ministry of Communications of the government of India. This includes product with Bluetooth, wireless local area network access technology (Wi-Fi), small digital radios (Zigbee), and radio frequency identification (RFID) and else more. The WPC-ETA certificate is required for anyone who wants to do wireless device business in India.

Raytac Bluetooth module applied to WPC-ETA Regulation Category--ETA Through Self Declaration (ETA-SD License)
To specifically recognize what is the compliance regulation of equipment applies to Raytac Bluetooth module, we can be assured with our Bluetooth module spec located within “De-licensed Frequency Band list” , 2400-2483.5MHz / Limit with 10mW EIRP / Use of low power and very low power short range radio frequency device for Non-Specific Short range device, from the following chart which was released from WPC authority.
圖片 1

Once we confirm Raytac Bluetooth module spec is operated in De-License Frequency Band with low transmission power, at the mean time making sure the device is exempt from import license as per Import Policy of DGFT (Directorate General Of Foreign Trade), Ministry OM ETA-WPC-Policy-2018-19 dated 26th February 2019, free from EXIM Policy of DGFT, Raytac is granted to apply for “ETA Through Self-declaration” application procedure which was enabled by SARAL SANCHAR Portal of DoT on 12th April, 2019.
Here's Raytac’s ETA through self-declaration (ETA-SD license) of module MDBT50 certified by WPC authority. (Please refer to the following image)
WPC Certificate
What is essential to get the ETA-SD license (ETA Approval)?
After getting idea of what ETA-SD license means to Raytac low energy Bluetooth module business, we need to get ready of the following points for applying the ETA Approval (ETA-SD License)
  • Applicant must be India manufacturing or authorized Indian representative
  • Making sure product exempt from import license
  • Making sure product working in the de-licensed frequency band
  • Wireless RF test report conducted by accredited laboratory
  • Details of Accreditation laboratory & Accreditation certificate issuing authority
  • Authorization letter
How the ETA-SD license works during importing process
1. Once ETA through self-declaration is generated for a model, subsequently it may be utilized by other person(s) for import/usage purpose in India. It is not necessary the importing agent/manufacturer is same party to the applicant of the license.
2. Question: How to import products falling under the category of ETA through Self-Declaration?
Answer: Such category of product(s) may be imported by submitting an undertaking to the customs along with ETA-SD License without additional payment.
3. The ETA-SD license remains valid and NO renewal is needed until the technical parameter/design of the device is modified or altered.
4. Generally speaking , India doesn’t follow Modular policy nor Non-Modular policy.
It determines how you proceed WPC-ETA certificate by product type (Semi-finished & End-product) and product technical spec (Frequency spectrum & Max output power)
For instance: When the product is manufactured in India and its RF module(s) having ETA certificate is/are fitted inside it without any modification/alteration; then NO separate ETA is required for such finished product during import process.
However, if finished product(s) are manufactured outside India, then ETA is required for each product before its import.
5. For the product which does not fall under De-Licensed frequency band and exempt from import license, WPC/ETA Certificate shall be obtained by routine proceeding to the concerned RLO ETA certificate. Both ETA (RLO) certificateand Import license shall be submitted to Customs during importing process whereas ETA-SD license Raytac module certified is exempt from import license that is way easier to proceed.