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SRRC Certification Update - Document No. 129

About SRRC Certification:

SRRC, or the State Radio Regulation Committee, is a mandatory certification required by the National Radio Management Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. All wireless products sold within China must obtain certification, commonly referred to as SRRC certification, which involves approval of the wireless transmission equipment model.

SRRC Document No. 129:

Document No. 129 introduces various interference avoidance technical requirements for wireless transmission equipment, including "pre-transmission scanning," "monitoring and avoidance," and "Medium Utilization (MU)" for equivalent occupancy rate.

a. "Pre-transmission scanning" and "monitoring and avoidance" mechanisms involve monitoring and listening to the wireless channel before or during signal transmission. By setting appropriate detection threshold levels, the channel's occupancy status is determined to select an idle channel for access.

b. The "equivalent occupancy rate" mechanism requires wireless transmission equipment to self-adjust based on parameters such as "Duty Cycle" and "transmission power," ensuring the "equivalent occupancy rate" remains at a lower level (not exceeding 10%).

1.     Certificate Validity Period:
Enforced from October 15, 2023. During this period, both old and new policies can be applied. Certificates obtained under the old regulation (Document No. 353) are valid until December 31, 2025. However, certificates obtained by complying with the requirements of Document No. 129 will be valid for 5 years.

2.     Sample Requirements:
2.1   The quantity of conducted samples prepared according to the old regulation remains unchanged: 5 samples.
2.2   The major change introduced by Document No. 129 is the addition of interference avoidance technical requirements. The interference avoidance test items include:
1.     Maximum channel occupancy time
2.     Minimum channel idle time
3.     Minimum silence period duration
4.     Detection of unused signals
5.     Detection threshold
6.     Short control signal duty cycle
7.     Equivalent occupancy rate.

Differences between Old and New Regulations:


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