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Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --QuickTrack

Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --QuickTrack

-Collaboration between Solution provider & End product developer


Raytac Corp. is officially a member of Wi-Fi Alliance now!

Before stepping into Wi-Fi module selection and adoption, Wi-Fi regulatory compliance will be essential for you to know.

Let's dig into the Wi-Fi certification program and investigate the possibility of WFA Qualified Solution (provided by Solution Provider) & WFA certificate (obtained by end product developer).

  • What benefits you (end product developer) by working with Rayta Corp. (Solution Provider) for QuickTrack program?

  1. Faster time-to-market : By using available WFA Qualified Solution (provided by solution provider) to waive (or partially waive) compliance test criteria/decrease testing days for end product (Wi-Fi Device), shorter development days would be took before product launch.
  2. Reduce test and certification costs: it significantly reduces the cost and certification days for your project with minimal resource by working with Raytac Corp. (Solution Provider) using available WFA Qualified Solution.
  3. Avoid testing redundancies: Raytac Corp. (Solution Provider) has pre-certified the core Wi-Fi architecture and protocols in Wi-Fi module AN7002, the necessary qualification tests has been conducted. You (end product developer) don’t need to test on those same criteria for end product (Wi-Fi Device) if Raytac Wi-Fi module is implemented in your end device.
  4. Allow flexibility of Wi-Fi functionality change: In case those minor change of Wi-Fi feature which is not relates to core/essential/architecture change may be raised someday in the future , QuickTrack program delivers the qualified product base (Source product) and lower cost with conformance test (QuickTrackTool) responding to the minor change. This is especially adaptive for the case end product developer has their own processor (MCU) working with Raytac NRF7002 module.

  • How QuickTrack certification program works?

QuickTrack certification program shall be completed by 2 different parties, one is solution provider and the other is end product developer.

(Refer to the following image)

As a Solution Provider, Raytac would proceed the essential and fundamental Wi-Fi protocol/compliance test and develop this into a Qualified solution so that end product developer can leverage this solution as a base (Source Product) to obtain a certificate entitled to end product developer.

Please note the conformance check (named QuickTrack Tool) would be required before Wi-Fi alliance certifies the application.

Conformance check (QuickTrack Tool) will be reviewed for the 8 Wi-Fi components.
  1. Chipset
  2. Wi-Fi Component Firmware Version
  3. Driver
  4. RF Architecture
  5. Wi-Fi Component Operation System
  6. Physical Interface
  7. RF Components
  8. Antenna

When you adopt Raytac WFA Qualified solution, the core/essential/architecture components are pre-certified in the solution, in most of cases, no further conformance test is required, you (end product developer) will be granted to obtain the certificate after a couple of days applying process.

Raytac leaves the right to Wi-Fi alliance for the conformance review (run QuickTrackTool).

  • Which membership level shall be applied in Wi-Fi alliance for being QuickTrack?

If you agree with QuickTrack program and are willing to participate in the partnership as end product developer with Raytac Corp. (solution provider), Implementer membership will be cost effective option for you.

Company like Raytac Corp. served as solution provider or require professional Wi-Fi alliance support, company own/multiple programs oriented or needs tasks management shall refer to the membership of top one - Contributor.


Raytac Corp. is about to launch Wi-Fi module AN7002 in 2024 ;
Keep your attention to the blog post recently.

Edited by Sales Manager: Jocelyn Tsai

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