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Optimizing functionality on nRF52 – Introducing Raytac bluetooth module with enabled Access Port Protection

Definition of Approtect (Access Port Protection):

In Nordic Semiconductor products, the enhanced APprotect feature has been integrated into the nRF52 series microcontrollers. APprotect (Access Port Protection) is a crucial security feature designed to safeguard the device's application, compiled code, with read-back protection mechanism, against unauthorized access and modifications. This protection is essential for preventing unauthorized access and software tampering.

Effectively leveraging the improved Approtect feature on nRF52 series microcontrollers to enhance device application security and reliability is a significant concern for current developers and engineers.

This year, Raytac Corporation has launched low-energy Bluetooth modules for the third edition IC nRF52840 APprotection Solution and nRF52832 APprotection Solution.

These modules not only retain the functionalities of the original nRF52840 and nRF52832 low-energy Bluetooth modules but also comprehensively upgrade security by adding the APprotect feature to prevent hackers from accessing and rewriting programs without authorization.

Here is a detailed explanation of the nRF52 third edition low-energy Bluetooth modules by Raytac Corporation:

  • Raytac Corporation APProtection Bluetooth Module Series:

The encoding principle is to use 'EN' after the original model number to represent 'encrypted' instead of 'V2'.

For example, in the nRF52840 series, the Raytac model MDBT50Q-1MV2 has "V2" replaced with "EN" for the third edition, hence the third edition model is named MDBT50Q-1MEN.

MDBT50Q Ceramic Antenna Series:

Equipped with a ceramic antenna module suitable for long-distance or complex environment wireless transmission.

MDBT50Q-P PCB Antenna Series:

Equipped with a PCB antenna module suitable for general environment wireless transmission.

Designed for external antenna requirements,


This module features a u.FL connector for external antenna use, suitable for ultra-long-distance wireless transmission.

[nRF52840] MDBT50Q-1MEN & MDBT50Q-P1MEN Spec (Ver.A)
[nRF52840] MDBT50Q-U1MEN Spec (Ver.A)

Development Board:

MDBT50Q-DB : An excellent choice for those who want to delve deeper into and conduct more tests with the Nordic nRF52840. This development and debugging board based on the MDBT50Q-1MV2 (ceramic antenna) module has all GPIOs of the module pulled out, facilitating rapid connection to other devices for firmware development and verification using jumper wires.

The same encoding principle applies to the nRF52832 series, and the MDBT42Q series follows suit.

MDBT42Q Ceramic Antenna Series:

MDBT42Q-512KEN comes with a ceramic antenna module, suitable for long-distance or complex environment wireless transmissions.

MDBT42Q-P PCB Antenna Series:

MDBT42Q-P512KEN  features a PCB antenna module, suitable for general environment wireless transmissions.

MDBT42Q-U512KEN , designed for external antenna requirements, comes with a u.FL connector module suitable for ultra-long-distance wireless transmissions.

[nRF52832] MDBT42Q-512KEN & MDBT42Q-P512KEN Spec (Ver.A)
[nRF52832] MDBT42Q-U512KEN Spec (Ver.A)

Development Board:

MDBT42Q-DB development board is based on the MDBT42Q-512KV2 (ceramic antenna) module and is designed for development and debugging purposes.

Other Reference Links:

Nordic 3rd Party Modules/Modems(Raytac's modules are all qualified Nordic 3rd Party Bluetooth low energy module, please go following website for more detailed information.)

  • Module Appearance: The third edition features an additional black dot in the bottom left corner of the metal shell for easy identification of its purpose.

  • While the device with readback protection enabled, issuing ERASEALL command is a must and the only method to unlock the device before proceeding with programming.

  • It is recommended to use nRF_SDK v17.1.0 or later versions to write code for the third edition.

Credit to Nordic Infocenter website:


Credit to Nordic Infocenter website:

  • For further clarity on the differences between the second edition IC Bluetooth modules and the third edition IC Bluetooth modules, the following table and links are provided for reference:

Edited by Sales Manager: Ms. Mandy Chao

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