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Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --FlexTrack & Derivative

Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) – Certification program --Flex Track & Derivative
(The least effort option for Wi-Fi certification)


After reading through the article of WFA (Wi-Fi Alliance) QuickTrack program, you may try to seek for a seamless option that least effort made for a Wi-Fi certificate.

Raytac Corp. has took this into consideration already!

Raytac Corp. is working on the FlexTrack package as a source product so that end product developer can apply a Derivative program to grant a WFA certificate by leveraging Raytac Corp. WFA source productNRF5340 & NRF7002 IC combo solution (MDBT53 & AN7002 Module)


Let Raytac Corp. do the work ahead of your request, the FlexTrack program is provided with a fix option, the necessary Wi-Fi compliance & conformance have been done by Raytac Corporation, Raytac Corp. will get a WFA Certificate that you (end product developer) can simply leverage it and apply Derivative program seamlessly for getting your own Wi-Fi certificate ID as long as you’re the member of Wi-Fi alliance.


  • What benefits you (end product developer) by sticking to Raytac Corp. FlexTrack (Source product) program?

Source Product: NRF5340 & NRF7002 IC combo solution (MDBT53 & AN7002 Module)


  1. No-Testing required: Raytac Corp. has granted the Wi-Fi certificate ID using source product (MDBT53 & AN7002 Module) , you simply leverage Raytac Corp. Wi-Fi certified ID and apply the solution to your end product when you’re working on the certification process ; No-testing is required.
  2. Faster time-to-market end device (Wi-Fi) : By using Raytac Corp. available WFA source product , you can get through the certification process easily without being in the process of a series of tests as long as you’re the member of Wi-Fi alliance. This helps your Wi-Fi end device get launched at the earliest.
  3. Seamless Connectivity & Least resource required : Without involving in a series of complicate Wi-Fi compliance and conformance test, it delivers the seamless connectivity and the least effort would be took for end product developer to get Wi-Fi certificate ID.
  4. Waive cost on Wi-Fi conformance test: it significantly decreases the cost for your project budget without getting through a series Wi-Fi compliance & conformance test.


If you stick to Raytac Corp. combo solution (source product )- MDBT53 & AN7002 Module, given the Wi-Fi components are pre-certified in the FlexTrack solution, you (end product developer) will be able to use the minimal resource and least effort to get Wi-Fi certificate ID for your Wi-Fi end device.


  • Which membership level shall be applied in Wi-Fi alliance for being Derivative?

If you agree with Raytac Corp. FlexTrack program and are confident in the Raytac Corp. combo solution(source product )- MDBT53 & AN7002 Module , Wi-Fi Implementer membership would extend this benefit for you. Being the Implementer membership and participate in the Derivative program, this is the perfect option for the budget sensitive company.





Raytac Corp. is about to launch Wi-Fi module AN7002 in 2024 ;

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Edited by Sales Manager: Jocelyn Tsai

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