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Raytac announces release of AN54H20 Series Module based on Nordic’s nRF54H20 chip solution

AN54H20 series flyer
Raytac Corporation, a Nordic-recommended third-party module manufacturer based in Taiwan, today announces the upcoming release of the AN54H20 modules, which are built on the base of Nordic's nRF54H20 SoC.

The AN54H20 module comes in a 9.8 x 13.8 x 1.8mm (0.37 by 0.53 by 0.07 inches) dimension factor and offers 3 versions of high-performance antennas, including ceramic chip antenna, PCB-mounted antenna, and uFL connector for external antenna. Output power is adjustable up to +10 dBm and data rate is adjustable up to 4Mbps to maximize RF performance.

Powered by multiple processors, AN54H20 modules provide the IoT field with access to a whole set of improved features, including 2MB flash memory/1MB RAM and bigger processing power for more complicated computations.  It also enhances protection against security threats, providing developers with protection while building technologically advanced IoT applications.

Hardware wise, AN54H20 inherits nRF54H20's set of versatile, advanced, and low-power peripherals alongside DMA support, including high-speed USB, CAN-FD controller, 14-bit ADC, 2 x I3C and plenty more.  What's more revolutionary is that AN54H20 brings power efficiency to a whole new level through accurately controlling currency consumptions under various modes, allowing smaller batteries to be implemented in the applications while increasing its life expectancy.

"We see the AN54H20 series as a potential market changer.  The compact size gives developers a seamless switch from the previous generation modules to AN54H20, and the remarkable power efficiency and characteristics AN54H20 brings will offer a magnificent effect to the inescapable hot trend of IoT and other various industries."
– Lyon Liu, President of Raytac Corporation.

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 – Compact size: 9.8 mm x 13.8 mm x 1.8 mm (0.37″ x 0.53″ x 0.07″)
 – Ceramic chip, PCB, and u.FL connector variations available
 – 64 GPIOs
 – Dual Arm Cortex-M33 processors
 – Dual RISC-V co-processors
 – Flash memory: 2 MB and RAM: 1 MB
 – Max TX power: +10dBm
 – Max data rate: 4Mbps
 – Enhanced security features
 – Outstanding power efficiency
 – Advanced and expanded peripherals available 
 – Highly flexible multiprotocol, ideal for Bluetooth Low Energy, LE Audio(Auracast), Bluetooth mesh, Thread, ANT+, Zigbee, and Matter applications
 – Pre-certified with multiple global regulations & Bluetooth qualification
 – RoHS-/REACH-compliant
Samples of AN54H20 will be available in Q3 2024, please subscribe to Raytac's WordPress blog:
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Edited by Sales Manager: Mr. Tony Yin

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