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Raytac Product Change Notice (PCN) Announcement for Nordic nRF52832 Solution

Raytac would like to announce Product Change Notice (PCN18033101) for below Module lines which are built based on Nordic nRF52832 Solution

Modules built by nRF52832 SoC Part no. Changed from
1. From MDBT42Q-512K to MDBT42Q-512KV2
2. From MDBT42Q-P512K to MDBT42Q-P512KV2
3. From MDBT42-512K to MDBT42-512KV2
4. From MDBT42-P512K to MDBT42-P512KV2
5. From MDBT42V-512K to MDBT42V-512KV2
6. From MDBT42V-P512K to MDBT42V-P512KV2

Customers those who have been developing products based on above modules please contact with to request V2 samples for evaluation.

Reference Download Site

Nordic PCN and IN-105, rev.1.0

Nordic Errata (nRF52832 Rev 2 Errata v1.1)