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Nordic nRF52840 Module Demo Board Now Is Ready!

Demo Board is the easy development kit to have implement on the Module.
After Raytac released MDBT50Q series module, there is a demo board available to assist customers start the development work.
The demo board (P/N: MDBT50Q-DB) deploys Raytac's nRF52840 solution module, MDBT50Q-1M,  with 48 GPIO pin out.
Nordic nRF52840 MDBT50Q Demo BoardMDBT50Q Demo Board Schematic
Raytac's MDBT50Q & MDBT50Q-P is a BT 5.0 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52840 SoC solution, which incorporates: GPIO, SPI, UART,I2C, I2S, PMD, PWM, ADC, NFC and USB interfaces for connecting peripherals and sensors.


Complete BT5 low energy solution with integrated chip antenna
Compact size with 10.5 x 15.5 x 2.2 mm
BT5 End Product qualified.
Supports Bluetooth 5, IEEE 802.15.4 & 2.4Ghz RF & ANT upon customer's preference.
Pre-Certifified Module: FCC/IC/CE/Telec/KC/SRRC/NCC certified.
Highly flexible multiprotocol SoC ideally suited for Bluetooth® Low Energy and 2.4GHz ultra low-power wireless applications.

Quick Specifications
32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M4F CPU
Supply: 1.7V – 5.5V
Flexible and configurable 48 GPIO
Bluetooth 5, IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz transceiver
• -95dBm sensitivity in 1Mbps Bluetooth low energy (BLE) mode
• -103dBm sensitivity in 125Kbps BLE mode (long range)
• +8 dBm TX power (down to -20 dBm in 4 dB steps)
• On-air compatible with nRF52, nRF51, nRF24L and nRF24AP Series
• Programmable output power from +8dBm to -20dB
• RSSI (1dB resolution)‧Supported data rates:
Bluetooth 5: 2Mbps, 1 Mbps, 500 kbps, 125 kbps
IEEE 802.15.4-2006: 250 kbps
Proprietary 2.4 GHz: 2 Mbps, 1 Mbps
Advanced on-chip interfaces
• USB 2.0 full speed (12Mbps) controller
• QSPI 32MHz interface
• High speed 32MHz SPI
• Type 2 near field communication (NFC-A) tag with wake-on field‧Programmable peripheral interconnect (PPI)
• EasyDMA automated data transfer without CPU processing on peripherals‧12 bit, 200ksps ADC – 8 configurable channels with programmable gain
• 4 x 4 channel pulse width modulator (PWM)units with EasyDMA
• Audio peripherals : I2S, digital microphone interface (PDM)
• 5 X 32-bit timers with counter mode
• Up to 4 x SPI masters / 3 x SPI slaves with EasyDMA
• Up to 2 x I2C compatible 2-wire masters / slaves
• 2 x UART(CTS/RTS) with EasyDMA
• Quadrature decoder (QDEC)
• 3 x 24-bit real-time counters (RTC)
Operating Temp: -40°C to +85°C

Customer who is interested in the demo board may contact Raytac's directly, or local distributor, or eBay for direct purchase.

nRF52840 MDBT50Q Family  拷貝

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